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The holidays are a joyous time and usually filled with great food. In this ever-changing world we look more for things that bring us and our loved ones back to the comfort of Mom's great "love filled", delicious dishes. Every bite a favorable, heart inspired touch we cherish this time of year. As we approach the holidays think of ways that the comfort from a lovingly cooked dish brings you. It's such a wonderful feeling...! 

Below are selected recipes submitted by "loving Cajuns" who strive to achieve the comfort that "Loving Holiday Recipes" wants to bring you. "Family is precious, the food is very important too".... isn't it? Help fill the spaces below with your or your loved ones recipes! Share so others may do the same.

Thank you, and may your Holidays be everything you wish...

Appetizers and Beverages

Cheese Ball    


Soups and Salads

Oyster Soup    


Main Courses

Ruby's Christmas Oyster Gumbo   Beef & Pork Roast French Bread
Elois's Cornbread Dressing Snap Beans Cornbread Dressing
Mustard Greens Stuffed Mirleton  
Gumbo Cajun Rice Dressing  



Shirley's Squash Custard Crème au Beurre Cake   Pecan Cake Icing







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