Cooking Louisiana - Modern Recipes using Seafood

Seafood dishes abound in South Louisiana and methods are as many as you can imagine. This collection consists of the Cajun cooking styles of today.

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Crawfish Shrimp Alligator
Crab Oysters Turtle
Fish Frog Legs  


Crawfish Etouffee Egg Roll Jack
Crawfish Etouffee
Corn & Crawfish Soup
Big Daddy's Crawfish Stew
Seafood Fettuccini
- Janine G - Lafayette
Crawfish Pasta - Jack
Crawfish Etouffee - C. Bertrand

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Crab Bites

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"Big Daddy's Fried Catfish “Big Daddy” – E. Broussard
Fried Fish - Jack
Seafood Kabobs - N. Rabeaux - Lafayette
Redfish Courtbullion - T. Gautreaux - Houma

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Frog Legs

Smothered Frog Legs

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Shrimp Bundles - Jack
Seafood Fettuccini - Janine Guidry - Lafayette
Baked Shrimp - Janine G. - Lafayette

Seafood Kabobs - N. Rabeaux - Lafayette

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Fried Oysters -  - Jack Guidry
Oyster Chili - Jack Guidry :-)

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