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Recipe Submissions are welcomed... There are two categories, Traditional and Modern.

Traditional dishes are the old favorites that have been the staple of South Louisiana for many years. The Modern recipes may be variations of the traditional or just good old good eatin' the South Louisiana Way.  

All recipes on this site are either my own, or, submitted by visitors such as yourself.  

If you would like to contribute a recipe please follow the simple guidelines below.

  1. The recipes must be your own, or, of a family member or friend. Please do not copy recipes from cookbooks or other publications, they are copyrighted and protected by law.
  2. The recipe must be of Louisiana origin please, and, should be identified as a traditional or modern dish. I would like to keep the recipes "Authentic South Louisiana" if at all possible.
  3. You should have cooked and/or eaten the dish yourself (and liked it)!
I would like a good explanation of how to prepare the dish, and, if you have a picture or two of the dish send it also but this is optional. Look at how the recipes are explained on this site to get an idea of what I'm talking about (I can help with that).

If the recipe is in the "Modern" category go ahead and give it a catchy name if you wish. 

Finally our visitors would like to hear a little story behind the origin of a Traditional dish as you came to know it, for instance; your grandmother cooks the dish every Saturday for the family. This is not mandatory.

Don't worry if you already see a recipe here like the one you want to submit, I want different versions of the same dish too!

If you don't have the exact amount of an ingredient make your closest guess. Many old recipes I've seen give you what the ingredient is to be and not how much of it to use.

I will only indicate your first initial, last name and the Parish you live in, your privacy will always be respected. You may also give yourself a (clean) nickname. I will not put your whole name unless you ask. You must be a present or past resident of Louisiana.

Please type your recipe in Microsoft Word,  Works, Notepad, or even Excel. You can also copy and paste it directly into an email. 

You may also mail a copy of the recipe, and, if you have regular paper pictures you can send them via regular mail also. I'll return the pictures to you.

Mail to:
Cooking Louisiana
313 Thomas Nolan Dr.
Lafayette, LA 70508

Once the recipe is posted I'll send you an email with a direct link to the page so you can critique it.

Please email your recipes to me

Thanks for your interest in the site and please pass the word....


Jack Guidry

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