Cooking Louisiana - French Beans

First French Bean Recipe

I knew that one of the first emails I'd get was for a recipe to cook French Beans. And sure enough Miss Dot (Houma) came through! (Thanks Miss Dot)

I'll do my best to re-create it here and add a little humor!


Salt pork
1 - Med onion
4 French Beans

Take one long slice of salt pork, boil long to remove salt, after meat is boiled rinse well for a long time. In thick pot add enough oil to cover bottom and add one medium onion finely chopped long. Snap... 4  (unless you think that the pot will be over-full) of your french beans and add to pot, smother until beans are smashed. Season with long salt and long pepper. Eat with long fork!

So long.....


I'm afraid to try to imagine where this might go next!






Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to post here?


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