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Here's some useful information that will help promote your site. I will work with you to get all of the info together the way you like it. The important thing is not to leave anything out.

The first thing you won't see on your page is the color title above. There won't even be a link to my website... it's all yours.

To prepare your information the following is important.


Digital pictures are best but paper is also good; I can scan them but we'll loose a little quality. Take several pictures and we can pick the best of them to publish on the site. Take pictures of the outside with the sun behind you if possible; just don't shoot into the sun. Take pictures of the inside with people there and your staff working. 

Take pictures of the working side with people cooking, cutting, whatever. Have people smile and wave if possible. Take pictures when you're busy and over time; you may be surprised at some of the great shots you get. If you sell gifts send picture of your best works. If you sell food take a few pictures of your popular dishes.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. We can add words to the write up using pictures and your visitors will get a better "picture" of your business! That's why I use so many pictures on my website and believe me the visitors thank me for it. 

You don't have to hire a professional photographer. Take the pictures yourself or get someone to do it for you. If they don't come out good we'll do it again, no biggie.

I'll work with you on whatever we do.

Write up:

Your full business name, address and phone numbers; main and fax. Email address if you wish.

List all of the products, menu or specialties you sell. Leave nothing out if possible. If you are well known for some products list them first.

Describe what you do (I'll help you word it).

Once we choose the pictures we can word around them... I'll work with you on that.

Include any history or related Louisiana importance your place serves.

Any special visitors? High profile people go to places off the beaten path sometimes. Your visitors may enjoy knowing that.

If you're close to another well known place we need to let the visitor know. We want them to go a little further if possible; to explore and experience something new.

Is there a special outside 


Since this is free we are not bound by any contract. If you do sell your business please pass on to the new owner the fact that your listing here exists. If you close your business please let me know. If you get your own web site also let me know. If contact numbers change please let me know. We're doing each other a favor and these are simple things you would do for your best friend; I'm not asking anything more.


Hopefully your page will bring you some new visitors. 

We promote Louisiana!

Jack Guidry


















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