Cooking Louisiana - Newsletter - April 2003

Bonjour my fellow home chefs... and Happy Easter!

The War has taken a lot of energy from us all I'm sure. Cooking becomes a side event and understandably so. With that, this Newsletter is short....and, cooking will become a focus once more once the tensions have passed.

Due to the War I am extending the recipe submission contest to end June 30th

The Weather is really getting nice to cook outdoors. Throughout the south the barbecue pits are going strong. Don't you just love nice juicy and flavorful barbecue? We'll after 30 years of trying all sorts of things I've finally one method that works great. In short all it involves is keeping the meat moist. Click here to get the whore story...


Not only are the pits smoking, but the seafood is hitting the stove too... Food handling is important and you should pay close attention to how you handle it to prevent illness. The following are a few articles that may interest you.




I get lots of email concerning the seasoning of Cast Iron cookware... Proper care of a good cast iron pot is important... Click here to learn all about it!


Louisiana Cookin' is a fun-filled magazine with stories and recipes from the people who make Louisiana’s cuisine so famous. Each of the 6 issues during the year includes articles on food-related topics from the home cook to famous restaurants; Cajun, Creole and all in between … all with simple recipes. Also, articles on traveling throughout Louisiana and beyond brings our readers ideas on the best places to stay, dine and festivals to attend, with recipes included. Along with the tasty articles and recipes appearing in each issue, regular features included in this unique magazine are a calendar of food-related events, Gumbo Crossword Puzzle, quick and easy and low fat recipes.

Louisiana Cookin Magazine
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Don't forget the new recipe submission contest is in full swing. If you missed the last one start getting those recipes together now, it's a $50 value! (Click Here).


New and featured recipes.....

Ed's E-Z Jerky
Todd's Crawfish Etouffee
Deep Fried Pork Roast
Deep Fried Chicken

As a reminder, and for you " new" visitors, the Cooking Louisiana web site is not about me, it's about "us" and our swiftly fading Cajun/Creole heritage. Cooking is but one part of that heritage and my goal is to help preserve this single part of what we are on this web site. It's all about love of our Acadian ancestors. And of course we share what we have with everyone!

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Did you know Oysters were first served to the public in the U.S. in 1763 when a primitive saloon was opened in New York City in a Broad Street cellar.

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