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Bonjour my fellow home chefs...

That's right... Mardi Gras is come and gone. The weeks before Mardi Gras made way for the big day with parades, Mardi Gras Balls and house parties. Mardi Gras has always been a time for laughter, friends and good food, especially finger foods, crawfish and barbecue. 

The weather was iffy this year but everyone managed to make a parade or two. There were several parades that had to be re-scheduled but believe me, the house parties weren't! Extensive planning goes into some of these events so you can imagine what a delay would mean, especially with the food preparation. 

One party we went to (and I cooked at) included burgers and dogs,  fresh pork and deer sausage and (what I call) a "Mini Pig Roast", or in French, "Petit Couchon de lait'. No, that doesn't mean roasting a very small pig... all I had to work with was a fresh pig leg (picnic roast). I was not going to let the absence of a whole pig deprive the crowd of delicious roasted pig and you shouldn't either. Here's the recipe ... (Click Here)


The Lenten season follows Mardi Gras which brings some sort of fasting. Along with that the absence of meat on Fridays is common. Many South Louisiana dishes were created with that idea in mind. Many times the Friday meals substituted seafood for meat but there were other dishes created that were great. Here are a few dishes and sides to consider to help you make it through the fasting. :-)

Redfish Sauce Piquant  |  Eggplant Fritters  |  Egg and Tomato Gravy  |  Cheese Herb Bread


As the weather warms oysters go out of season and crawfish make their way to the Cajun table. March, April and May are known as the best months of the crawfish season mostly because they are more plentiful which means lower prices. Crawfish season actually begins in November with the introduction of pond or farm crawfish.

Guess what the "State Crustacean" of Louisiana would be? You got it, for the last 20 years it's been the mud bug. 

If you buy fresh crawfish keep them at a temperature of 46 - 48ºF in high humidity. This can be done with ice chests and a little ice and they'll stay alive for a few days. Leave them in the sack and lightly mist them with water every few hours. Normally they don't stay in the sack long around here but if you plan on transporting some for long distances this is good information to remember.

Live Crawfish are graded as follows:

Large: 15 or less per pound
Medium: 16 - 25 per pound
Small: 25 or more per pound

Here are a few recipes you may enjoy.

Boiled Crawfish  |  Crawfish Etouffee  |  Crawfish Stew  |  Crawfish Pasta


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Don't forget the new recipe submission contest is in full swing. If you missed the last one start getting those recipes together now, it's a $50 value! (Click Here).


New and featured recipes.....

Melissa's Meatball Stew
Big Daddy's Fried Catfish
Seven Layer Salad
French Toast


As a reminder, and for you " new" visitors, the Cooking Louisiana web site is not about me, it's about "us" and our swiftly fading Cajun/Creole heritage. Cooking is but one part of that heritage and my goal is to help preserve this single part of what we are on this web site. It's all about love of our Acadian ancestors. And of course we share what we have with everyone!

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Did you know Of all food groups the most consumed is fruits and vegetables at 707 pounds per person followed by 593 pounds of dairy products per person.

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