Cooking Louisiana - Deep Fried Chicken

This Fried Chicken dish is one you and your friends will go nuts over. I'm sure you've heard of or done Deep Fried Turkey. Deep Fried Chicken is about the same and is so easy and makes for a fun get together with friends!


A deep fryer made or designed to fry turkey's
Whole Chicken - 1 chicken per 3 adults depending...
Tony's or Old Bay Seasoning
Peanut oil
Frying thermometer

To make the most of your cooking oil plan on getting a few friends together and cook several birds.

Deep Fried ChickenWash the chicken well, slit the skin between the thigh and breast and season well inside and out. 

Rub seasoning under the skin and get some in the thigh joint

You can see the skin slit in the picture.



Deep Fried ChickenPreheat oil to 350F [Follow the fryer instructions - this oil will cook you if it hits you]
Cook about 4-5 minutes per pound. Keep the oil at 325-350F, no more no less.





Deep Fried ChickenWhen you think it's almost done take the chicken out and test the tightness of the thigh joint with a pair of tongs. 





Deep Fried ChickenLet the chicken cool a few minutes and cut up as you would normally. Put in a casserole with a few tablespoons of water and cover.

I use a homemade fryer so the gadgets you see in the pictures are not available in the stores.










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