Cooking Louisiana - Pot Roasting

Pot roasting is a method used to cook meat slowly in it's own gravy also known a braising. Traditionally this method is used for less tender cuts of meat, both domestic and wild. 

Pork roast, beef roast, venison, duck, rabbit and squirrel are some of the more popular pot roasted meats in South Louisiana. 

The pot roast (beef, venison and/or pork) is usually stuffed with garlic, black pepper and cayenne. Duck rabbit and squirrel can be marinated. You can make small slit in the duck breast next to the breastbone and insert a sliver of garlic and bacon, and, a little creole seasoning.

Pot roasting is fairly easy and starts with a little flour and seasoning sprinkled on the meat, then, it's seared dark brown on all sides in a black iron pot with a little cooking oil. The meat is removed and the pot is deglazed. The onions go in on a med-low fire and are browned well, this makes part of the gravy (if you like onion gravy). You can also cook the onions on the side if you're pressed for time and put them in with the meat when they're done. Just be sure to deglaze the pot you cook the onions in. The other part of the gravy comes from the seared meat itself along with any flour left in the pot.  After the onions are done throw in celery, bell pepper and some minced garlic and cook that for a while. Put the meat back in, add a little water (1/2 in on the bottom), lower the fire, put the lid on it and it's on its way. You may choose to finish the roast in a crock pot or electric slow cooker. Set the slow cooker temp to about 280F for large roasts.

Cook until the meat is tender. Times will vary according to the type of meat. 3 - 4 hours cook time is not unusual. 


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