Cooking Louisiana - Casseroles

Seafood, eggplant, cabbage, mirleton and andouille casseroles are a few that come to mind. Casseroles in South Louisiana take the old old traditional casseroles and are given an extra Cajun Punch. 

I'm going to suspect that if you've done any cooking or eating at all you're familiar with the casserole.  The ingredients themselves are pretty much the same used to make stuffed food dishes, and, there are the bean style casseroles that use some sort of cream and or cheese in them. For instance I would use the same basic ingredients to make a stuffed mirleton as I would a mirleton casserole. Normally a combination of meat and vegetables, the casserole can be fun to experiment with. 

Cabbage Casserole 

Potato Casserole (to eat with steaks)






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